The sport of rowing consists of two rowing styles: sweeping and sculling. Different boat classes are manned by anywhere from two to eight rowers. All rowing races — except masters division and adaptive races — use one standard distance, as determined by FISA, the Federation Internationale des Societes d’Aviron, orContinue Reading

As someone who writes about strength training and nutrition for a living, I should’ve been prepared for middle age. But it wasn’t until I suffered a dinged-up shoulder, an achy knee, a hernia, and a couple of torn muscles that I admitted five decades of life had finally caught upContinue Reading

Canoes and kayaks are small, narrow watercraft designed for one or two people. Typically, these boats are unpowered, using unmounted paddles to propel the craft through water. The paddlers face in the direction of travel. Despite the similarities, canoes and kayaks are different craft. Each offers design benefits and featuresContinue Reading

Kayaking remains a prominent recreational form of leisure and sport boating. Perception Kayaks manufactures kayaks for the various paddling disciplines. Its Aquaterra Keowee kayak offers a simplistic design for novice paddlers. The construction of the Keowee models helped to keep boaters stabilized while paddling and maneuvering the kayak. The AquaterraContinue Reading